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BM vineyard picture summer 16-08-2016

Borgo Maragliano

"Sweet and classic"
Galliano 071

Borgo Maragliano

"Sweet and classic"

Although the estate still carries the name of father Giuseppe Galliano, nowadays it is his son Carlo and his wife Silvia who take care of the whole enterprise.

Cellars and familyhouse are part of an attractive old borgo, from which terrace you have a great view over 7,5 hectares vineyards of Moscato.
Loazzolo, on the foothills of the Langhe, offers a combination of sandy soil plus the right altitude (400 metres) that make it the perfect white wine environment, according to Carlo. Apart from Moscato, they also grow some Chardonnay and Pinot Nero.

Until 1988, father Giuseppe grew grapes which were traditionally sold to the bigger estates during the harvest. In that year however, halfway the harvest, that demand for grapes dried up instantly, the right incentive to start thinking about vinifying himself.

In 1990, Carlo came to join his father and ever so many harvests later he realizes they signify ever so many different experiences. In short, that there is still so much to learn and improve.


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The well equiped cellars, with their own bottleline, lead to underground corridors where Carlo stores his Spumante. Continuously thinking about how to make progress, he amplified his warehouse by excavating part of the adjacent hill and recently added a considerable enlargement to his cantina. Silvia, amongst many other things, takes care of the charming family winemuseum.

From the Chardonnay they make a still white wine, a sparkling wine, and a Spumante Charmat. The Pinot Nero and Chardonnay join forces in a Spumante Champenois, whereas the Pinot Nero is the soloist in a pleasant Rosé Spumante.

The Moscato is used for three different wines: a late harvest under one of the smallest DOC’s that exist (Loazzolo DOC), a Moscato d’Asti DOCG and a Mosto d’Uva (alcohol degree of only 3%). And then, of course, it is used for a grappa, but that is quite another story…