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De Faveri

"Be Pro Secco!"

De Faveri

"Be Pro Secco!"
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PaltrinieriEmilia RomagnaLambrusco di SorbaraRadiceCruFrizzantePet Nat
PaltrinieriEmilia RomagnaLambrusco di SorbaraL'EclisseCruFrizzante
PaltrinieriEmilia RomagnaLambrusco di SorbaraLambrusco SalaminoPiriaSpumante
PaltrinieriEmilia RomagnaLambrusco SalaminoSolcoSpumante
Monzio CompagnoniLombardia FranciacortaChardonnayPinot NoirBrut
Monzio CompagnoniLombardia FranciacortaChardonnayPinot NoirExtra Brut
Monzio CompagnoniLombardia FranciacortaChardonnaySaten
Monzio CompagnoniLombardia FranciacortaChardonnayPinot NoirRosato
De FaveriVenetoGleraProsecco Treviso DOC Extra DrySpumante
De FaveriVenetoGleraProsecco DOCG BrutSpumante
De FaveriVenetoGleraG&GSpumante
De FaveriVenetoGleraPinot NoirRosatoSpumante
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Here we are in the country of Vittorio Veneto. Of course you know the name, most likely from Rome’s glamorous, yet somewhat out-of-fashion, street with its fancy restaurants and shops. But who was Vittorio Veneto? Most people presume he was a soldier. Actually, it is not a dead person but a lively town that bears the name. It was near Vittorio Veneto that the Italian troops fought their conclusive and victorious battle in 1918, so who thought of a soldier was not so wrong, after all.

To the west, the wide river Piave encircles a more peaceful, hilly landscape. Two small towns dominate it: Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. In Wine Land, both names stand for the production of Prosecco, Italy’s famous sparkling white. It is here, that you find the top producers, and De Faveri certainly is one of them. As a matter of fact, De Faveri IS Prosecco. Their cellars are in the village of Vidor, not far from the borders of the magic Piave.

In 2009 Prosecco laws changed and Prosecco became the name of the (much restricted and better protected) production zone, whereas yields per hectare reduced dramatically. The grapename changed into Glera, an ancestor of the former Prosecco grape. The classic sites Conegliano and Valdobbiadene became Prosecco DOCG, and Prosecco DOC now was reserved for wines coming from a restricted aerea: all of Friuli and the provinces of Treviso, Vicenza, Padova and Belluno in Veneto. Prosecco IGT disapeared completely.


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Glera is a robust and vigorous vine which prefers the hills. The Glera grapes are excellent for sparkling wines (frizzanti and spumanti) which remind at the smell of flowers in springtime, especially in those wines coming from the hills near Valdobbiadene and Vidor. 75% of De Faveri’s Prosecco production today is DOCG and 25% is DOC. As an extra they also produce a Spumante Rosato Extra Dry (Glera with 2% of Raboso) and one still wine from 100% Glera, which is called VI.D.OR (Vite d’Oro, Golden Vine) – a playful allusion also to its native town.

Lucio and Mirella De Faveri started their activity in 1978, buying 10 hectares of vineyards. Today they have the care of 23 hectares. Passion for Prosecco and the application of the most advanced oenological techniques in line with the old traditions, are the secrets of this company.

In the meantime their children Giorgia and Giordano started to show interest in the small family company. Giorgia did receive her University degree in 2010 with a 94 pages thesis about…Prosecco!


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