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Cascina Garitina was founded in 1900. The estate is run by the Morino’s, a family that lives at least as much for their wine as they are making a living out of it.

Gianluca Morino, the man at the helm today, is really passionate about his wines, especially about his Barbera d’Asti. It is Gianluca who made the change from quantity to quality, as he belongs to the new, open-minded generation of Piemontese. That modern mentality includes trying and comparing wines of other producers all over the world, until not too long ago locally considered to be a useless thing to do.

Gianluca also applies techniques like the vendemmia verde (‘green harvest’). This means that the yield of their wine, in this case of the Barbera Superiore Caranti and the Barbera Superiore Neuvsent, is reduced by an anticipated manual picking of its grapes during July and August.


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Gianluca had the honour to become Michele Chiarlo’s successor as a chairman of the society of Produttori del Nizza-Barbera d’Asti Superiore, that represents a selected group of only ca. 50 growers. The society was founded in 2000.

Garitina owns some 23 hectares of vineyards at the heart of the Alto Monferrato, alto in this case meaning between 240 and 320 metres altitude. Their vineyards comprise 13 hectares in the hills around the village of Castel Boglione, and over 10 hectares in three other places. The prevalently clay soils contain to a lesser extent lime and sand.The marin, the southerlyseawind,contributesgreatlytoan ideal ripening of the grapes.

They named several of their wines after the vineyards of provenance, like Garitta, Caranti, Alfero and Caranzano. Gianluca’s ideal: wines that are not only a true expression of the local terroir, but supple and fruit-driven as well.