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The Gioacchino Garofoli Winehouse was founded by a Garofoli who shared his first name with that other son of Italy’s Marche region, Rossini.

Rossini was famous for composing music and living life easily, almost without effort, while greatly enjoying food and wine.
The Garofolis know that composing wine takes a great deal of effort, but they are good at it.

The company today is owned entirely by the Garofoli family in their fourth generation, with Gianfranco and Carlo Garofoli as chairman and vice-chairman respectively. It is Carlo, a well-known oenologist, who makes the wine, while Gianfranco takes care of business.

Garofoli itself owns two estates in the Rosso Cònero zone near Ancona, at Massignano (loc. Piancarda) and Paterno, one in the Verdicchio zone at Montecaratto (loc. Cupo delle Lame), and one in Castelfidardo (loc. Acquaviva), where Trebbiano and Verdicchio are planted. While the first three are situated at a height of 200-300 m above sea level, the Acqaviva vineyards lie considerably lower, at only 50 m above sea level. Noteworthy is also the difference in density of the plants. While the Rosso Cònero vineyards contain some 4000-5000 plants per hectare, the Aquaviva density reaches only 1600.


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The winery itself is also located at Castelfidardo, a little town famous for the production of accordions. In the local town hall, you will find the small but attractive Museo della Fisarmonica (museum of the accordion). Italians, by the way, will recall the name Castelfidardo mainly for a famous battle that was fought here in 1860 between the troops of Piedmont and those of the pontifical army.

But, while the accordion alternately expands and retracts Garofoli keeps expanding all the time. Apart from their own 50 hectares of vineyards, the company holds exclusive contracts with a number of other producers in the area, under strict quality control. This allows them to make Rosso Piceno as well.