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"Noble before Nobile"

Villa Svetoni is situated in the heart of the estate and in the locality of Gracciano (sub- community of medieval Montepulciano). Built in 1800, it is named after the family of whom the Della Seta’s are descendants, thus inheriting the estate. The former Azienda Svetoni was a much larger estate, covering 600 hectares of agricultural land where various crops were grown and cattle was raised. There were about thirty poderi (small farms) on the estate, offering agricultural land and livelihood to some hundreds of people. Winegrowing was not yet the first priority, until some time after World War II. However, in 1864 the Vino Nobile from the Villa Svetoni did already won an award at the international fair of Turin. And a handful of those bottles are still kept in the cellars! This illustrates that the estate’s role in Montepulciano is comparable with that of Biondi Santi in Montalcino: both being pioneers in quality winemaking.

In 1960, though, the heirs decided to pursue separate interests. It was Piera della Mazzuchelli della Seta Ferrari Corbelli Greco (born in 1910) who kept the Villa and 70 surrounding hectares.


Via Umbria 59-61



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+39 0578708340

Today, it is her son Giorgio, assisted by his daughter Vannozza, who are taking care of the estate. Meanwhile Vannozza’s brother Marco (well-introduced in the diplomatic world) and her sister Galdina (a renowned pastry chef in Milano) remain in the background.

The 18 hectares of vineyards are planted with the classical varieties Prugnolo Gentile (a clone of Sangiovese) and – in smaller quantities – Canaiolo, Mamolo and Merlot. With these the following wines are made: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, including Riserva in the best years, and Rosso di Montepulciano DOC.

In 2012, construction of the new cellars began and in autumn 2013 the first harvest could be vinified in the new facilities. Brand new stainless steel fermenting and storage tanks, new big casks for ageing, and more… All this to guarantee an ever higher quality as today’s wine world demands.

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