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K. Lentsch

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K. Lentsch


In 2008 Klaus Lentsch realized a dream. He became the proprietor of 27 hectares of land, three of which are planted with vines. And not just anywhere. Those Lentsch vines grow on the steep hills of the Eisack Valley, a little north of Bolzano. It is land where grapes have been grown for centuries. In fact, the history of Weinhof (wine estate) Hemberg goes back to 1200.

Klaus designed a simple, but attractive logo: a stick that divides a circle in two parts. The thick walnut stick (split in four parts at one end) is the instrument with which the must is stirred. The circle represents the continuous cycle in the vineyards. For Lentsch it is essential to respect and bring to perfection what nature has to offer, not trying to reinvent everything that already exists.

With great energy and courage, Klaus met the challenge to replant vines on slopes as steep as an incredible eighty degrees. New walls were constructed, made of stones collected in the vineyards. Under them, narrow terraces for the vines were realized during a breathtaking operation. Vineyard altitude varies from 380 to 570 metres.

The actual three hectares of vineyards are planted with Pinot Noir, Grüner Veltliner, Gewürztraminer and Müller Thurgau. Two more hectares of southward facing vineyards on other steep slopes at an altitude of 800 metres is a project for the near future.


Reinsperweg 18/A
Trentino - Alto Adige



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In early 2013 another dream came true. Klaus could buy a property a little south-west of Bolzano in Eppan, in Oltre-Adige (the other side of the river Adige). It is here that he decided to establish the centre of his activities and his home. There are new cellars, a tasting room cum kitchen, a sales outlet and apartments for agriturismo. Included in all that: tremendous views of the surrounding mountains.

For sure, this is not all. From ‘K.L.’ we expect new developments all the time. Some new little vineyard in a unique position perhaps, or…? No matter what, Klaus is unstoppable.