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Masseria del Feudo cellar barriques

Masseria del Feudo

"Peachy wines"
Masseria del Feudo harvest

Masseria del Feudo

"Peachy wines"

Tradition & Innovation. Those are the leading principles that drive Francesco and Carolina at their Masseria del Feudo. The two share a family name that you would like to invent if it didn’t already exist. It’s a name that is almost impossible to read without pronouncing it out loud: Cucurullo. And once you did that, probably even two or three times, it is hard to forget.

More than a century ago now, Salvatore Cucurullo became the owner of land that used to belong to the so-called Grandi Feudi, the Big Fiefdoms. In those days land was mostly used for sowing in that part of southern-central Sicily.

Salvatore added dairy cows, while the farm took the shape of a masseria, a circular estate within which borders all activities take place.

Salvatore had a son, Francesco, who had a son, Salvatore, who has a son, Francesco. Today’s Francesco and his sister Carolina follow the footsteps of their ancestors, with great emphasis on respect for nature and the environment. Most of their products are organic.


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The estate of 110 hectares produces cereals, fruit, olives and has 18 hectares dedicated to the vine. Animal breeding (for milk and meat) is foreseen for the near future. The old masseria, once home to whole families who worked the land, has been modernised and includes a family house, new wine cellars and a brand new ‘agriturismo’.

Situated at an altitude of 450 meters, the micro climate is good for autoctonous grape varieties like Nero d’Avola, Inzolia and Grillo, but also for Syrah and Chardonnay. Since 2012 Emiliano Falsini is the consultant wine maker. It is his idea to produce an extremely low-yield Nero d’Avola in 2014, that will be ready for the market not before 2016- 2017.

Until that time there is no reason to get thirsty, while enjoying the three clean and fresh organic wines that form the back bone of the portfolio: Nero d’Avola, Inzolia and Syrah. Besides, on offer are a beautiful Grillo, Chardonnay (Haermosa) and Nero d’Avola (Rosso delle Rose).

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