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Monzio Compagnoni

"Don Quichot in Franciacorta"

Monzio Compagnoni

"Don Quichot in Franciacorta"

Marcello Monzio Compagnoni began his career in wine by designing the cellars after his father in 1989 had bought vineyards in Cenato Sotto (Valcalepio). Later, in 1995, these cellars had to be sold and new ones were temporarily found in the Franciacorta area, some 20 kilometres away. After his father passing away, Marcello took over all responsabilities. Today that means taking care of 20 hectares of vineyards in Franciacorta and 14 hectares in Valcalepio. Assistance comes from top-oenologist Donato Lanati.

In Franciacorta, Marcello produces the famous Franciacorta Spumante DOCG (Metodo Classico) in four varieties: Brut, Extra Brut, Satèn and Rosé.

Apart from these high quality sparklers – the Extra Brut has won him twice the ‘Tre Bicchieri’ – Monzio Compagnoni makes still wines as well. This line is named Ronco della Seta (Silk Hill), after the silkworms which used to live in the mulberrytrees that nowadays are replaced by vines.


Via Nigoline 98
25030 ADRO



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Compagnoni’s second estate, Valcalepio, is a wonderful, small wine area full of variations in landscape within a stone’s throw from Bergamo. Here, Marcello produces two reds and a white under the label of Colle della Luna (Moon Hill), called after the type of stone that abounds here: ‘sasso di luna’ (moon stone). Here also, on an extremely steep vineyard of half a hectare, Marcello shows real perseverance in cultivating the rare grape Moscato di Scanzo, being one out of only four producers to do so. The result is Don Quijote, a unique and fascinating red dessert wine, presented in a slender and elegant bottle. Certainly fascinating as well is the new winery that ‘Don Marcello’ has built.It shows the architect inside him. And courage too. Many spaces have different colours, and if Marcello designs a space to be red, it’s RED!

But don’t worry, the rosato he makes is elegantly rosé.

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