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"The bullseye of Barbaresco"


"The bullseye of Barbaresco"

Pertinace is a cooperative consisting of 15 members only, coming from 7 families. It has been founded in 1973. Together, they own some 70 hectares of vineyards.

The policy of this ‘Barbaresco’ company includes a yearly premium for the grower with the best grapes, resulting in a dramatic overall increase of quality in recent years. So much so, that others (mis)take this cooperative for a private company.

Located in the small hamlet of Pertinace, the choice of the name was rather obvious. They named their cooperative after the Roman emperor Helvius Pertinax (late 2nd century AD) who assumedly came from there. That name couldn’t be more appropriate. Just as wine grapes are cut after a relatively short period following the flowering of the vine, so the emperor Pertinax was releaved of his head after only 87 days ‘in office’. The Romans may not have liked him, in faraway Treiso, however, he was not forgotten. In remembrance of his 1800’s dying-day on June 13, 1993, a stone was placed in the wall of the Cantina.


Localita' Pertinace 2
12050 TREISO



+39 0173442238


+39 0173442238

Life is tough. At the winery of Pertinace they know it too. Every year their produce risks being decapitated prematurely by hail. But the high points they are scoring in the international press show clearly that they handle their risks increasingly well. It helps, of course, if you can dispose of a vineyard that they call ‘their best’, while another one is close to Gaja’s.

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