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"Once the smallest"
Pietroso cellar 2


"Once the smallest"

Gianni Pignattai inherited the small estate from his grandfather Domenico Berni, who in his time, the 1970’s, owned the smallest Brunello estate ever (0,49 hectare). In remembrance, the name Berni still proudly appears on the coat of arms in the labels of the present day Pietroso bottles Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino.

You may wonder how in the classical hart of Tuscany, in itself a splendid theatre for the production of outstanding wines, an estate came into being only at such a late date. Well, as a matter of fact, historical sources dating back as far as 1363 already refer to a farm named ‘Petroso’ on the site. They clearly attest to the cultivation of vineyards and the subsequent winemaking on that estate, at that remote time.

Today, there are 4 hectares, exclusively planted with Sangiovese grapes.
These are divided over 3 vineyards (Pietroso, Fornello and Castelnuovo) in three different places with different micro-climates and terroirs, and undergo separate vinification. Which at the end makes up for the perfect blend of Brunello.


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+39 0577848573


+39 0577848573

Gianni is not so much in favour of barriques. He uses some (used) barriques only for the Rosso di Montalcino and also for the Brunello when in malolactic fermentation. The Brunello remains for the classic period of threeyearsinlargewood.Theresultat Pietroso is a relatively classic Brunello, with a lively colour and good acidity, tending more towards minerality than towards tannins.

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